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Lustre Luxe | Self Tanning Serum

Lustre Luxe | Self Tanning Serum

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Introducing the Sunless Château Self-Tanning Body Serum—an unparalleled experience in achieving a radiant, sun-kissed complexion.

Elevate your skin's natural glow with our revolutionary self-tanning body serum: LUSTRE LUXE. Crafted to perfection, it seamlessly combines opulent hydration with the finest-grade ingredients, including nourishing coconut oil, turmeric, and indulgent shea butters.

With just one application, unveil a medium tan that beautifully accentuates your skin tone. For a deeper tan, simply reapply the next day. Our serum's transfer-resistant formula guarantees a flawless finish, without any bronzer residue. Experience the pure joy of a smooth, non-sticky, and swift-drying application that embraces your skin's health with its botanical components.

As a brand dedicated to ethical practices, our serum is proudly vegan and cruelty-free. 

Make sure to grab a Self Tan Mitt to apply your self tanning serum. 

Product Details:
- Size: 6 OZ

Directions for Use:
For optimal results, apply onto freshly cleansed, exfoliated, and dry skin. Achieve a deeper tan by applying the serum alone, while for a lighter hue, use a body moisturizer before serum application. Gently massage the serum onto your skin, employing your hands or the SELF TAN MITT for an even distribution. Remember to use sparingly on areas like elbows, knees, hands, and feet. Afterward, ensure to wash your hands. The serum dries within minutes, and the tan develops over 6-8 hours. To maintain the brilliance, avoid showering or water exposure during this time. The full depth of color will manifest 24 hours after application. Notably, our serum doesn't contain bronzers, offering a natural finish. Whether day or night, this versatile product is at your disposal, though please refrain from using it more than once within a 24-hour period.

Experience the difference of Sunless Château—a journey to an exquisite, sunlit radiance without compromise.


*Mitt is not included and can be purchased separately 

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