THE COMMITMENT (8hr+ Solution)

The Commitment is our signature 8-hour solution, made for the girl who's not scared to be in it for the long haul.8-12 hours of freedom.No bras, no dishes, just lounging around marinating.

THE QUICKIE (Rapid Rinse Solution)

The Quickie is made for the busy b*tch. She doesn't have time to sit around processing. She's got places to be!Rinse in 2-5 hoursdepending on the level of color desired.

Yes, you must rinse.PS. Rapid rinse does not mean rapid development. The tan will not reach it's full level of darkness for 12-18 hours.


The contour is a specialty service performed by our master technicians that utilizes a deeper shade to accentuate muscle definition and bone structure combined with our signature airbrush tan.

The contour tan is available in 8 hour only.