People always ask us what makes the Château different. What makes our service different? Well... we fully believe it starts with these ladies right here. You will not find a team more dedicated to the happiness of every single client than these ladies right here. Every TSC Technician not only receives 20 hrs of hands on training with our owner and founder, Bree Wilson but also continued education every day so that our clients can rest assured that every single experience they have is consistent with Sunless Château standards.

  • Service Manager

    Yes, her hair is real.
    She will absolutely bully you to hydrate... your skin and your body. Always down to chat about food/restaurant recs/etc. Impossible to leave her appt not laughing.

  • Owner

    Could spray tan in her sleep. Somehow managing 6 of her best friends at the age of 27. Always on the verge of a menty-b. 1000% chance she will overshare. Never texts back.

  • Salon Manager

    Literally has a spreadsheet for everything. Could talk about scandoval for hours. Tells the cheesiest dad jokes of all time. If you see her eye twitching, we are behind schedule.

  • Spray Tan Tech

    Lives for the boy drama. Giggles non-freaking-stop. Will make you feel *bonita*. Will probably say "slay" 10 times in your 15 minute appt... we considered letting her go for this.

  • Spray Tan Tech

    Chillest Château Hoe. Hasn't missed an eyelash fill in 3 years. Has a sweatshirt and clawclip addiction... if you see her wearing anything other than a sweatshirt and clawclip, alert the authorities.

  • Spray Tan Tech

    Literally our crunchy granola queen. Down to chat about boy drama, childhood trauma, zodiac signs or where to get the best chia seed pudding. ALWAYS smiling.

  • Spray Tan Tech

    Katie is probably our craziest Château Hoes. She will endorse all your wild plans to get back at your ex. She is currently in Nursing school and stays highly caffeinated.