Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book an Appointment?

All booking is done through our booking software, linked here. I know, I know… some of y’all really hate it. But it has the most up-to-date availability and ensures that we avoid the dreaded “human error”. No phone tag, no back and forth on schedules, etc.

That being said when making the selection between the Commitment (8hr) and the Quickie (Rapid) rest assured that your technician will have all solutions available at your appointment so you can chat and make the best decision for your schedule, needs, etc.

How Do I Prepare for My Appointment?

You are going to receive this in-depth guide via e-mail the night before your appointment… but, anywho, here it is:

SHAVE + EXFOLIATE. Be sure to shave all unwanted hair and exfoliate, head to toe using a proper exfoliating mitt the night before your appointment. Exfoliating is the key to a great tan and even more imperative if you have an existing sunless tan. If you have pre existing sunless tanner consider picking up a bottle of Fresh Start to remove your tan prior to your appointment. Tanning over existing tan is like painting over chipped nail polish, the results are blotchy and uneven.

NO PRODUCTS. Skip out on the lotions, deodorants, oils, and fragrances the day of your tan. These products can all create a barrier between your skin and the DHA resulting in an uneven tan, green armpits, and blotchiness.

WASH YOUR HAIR. Make sure to wash your hair prior to your appointment (or plan out your hair washing schedule) as to avoid  washing your hair during your first rinse. Ingredients in shampoo + conditioner can interfere with development of your sunless tan.

PLAN YOUR DAY ACCORDINGLY. We get it... Your world doesn't stop spinning because you're getting a spray tan hence why we use the lightest weight solutions with a non-stick drying powder to allow you to get on about your life... But, please plan on wearing loose dark clothing, no exposure to water (cooking/washing dishes/bathing kids) and no heavy sweating.

What Do I Wear for My Appointment?

During the tan? You can wear whatever… bikini, bra, thong, naked… We don’t care!

Unless you’re a guy, then we do ask that you wear underwear or some form of covering. No arguments!


Post spray, we recommend loose dark clothing. No bra, no leggings, no tight closed toe shoes, etc. If you are marinating overnight (aka sleeping pre-rinse) ensure that you wear long sleeves and pants to bed. This prevents transfer to the palms!

How Long Does the Tan Last?

With proper aftercare, a sunless château tan can last anywhere from 7-10 days. Aftercare starts with habits but the key is the products. The ingredients in most of the products in the drugstore are laden with alcohols, fragrances, sulfates, parabens, etc. all of which, STRIP YOUR TAN! Check out our Sunless Château Signature Line for products that are specially formulated with your tan in mind!

I got my tan… Now What?

Try to avoid skin-to-skin contact for the entirety of your development, primarily with your palms/fingers. The DHA can still transfer to other areas of the skin and mess up the flawless blend your technician worked so hard on. This is extremely important if developing overnight. We recommend that anyone sleeping in their tan (pre-rinse) wears loose, dark long-sleeves and pants to bed!

Avoid water (washing hands, doing dishes, bathing the kids, rain, etc.) until designated rinse time. Water stops the development of DHA, hence why showering at your technician's advised time is so important.

That being said, rinse at your technician's recommended time, especially if doing a rapid! The COMMITMENT is an 8-12 hour solution. The marination period should NOT go beyond 24 hours. The QUICKIE is our rapid rinse solution. Rinse times are as follows:

  • 2 hours, light medium.

  • 3 hours, medium.

  • 4 hours, medium-dark.

  • 5-6 hours, dark.

The first rinse is a water rinse only! Skip the soaps until your first REAL SHOWER, that includes shampoo and conditioner.

Immediately after rinsing, you might feel as if you've lost all color. This is totally normal, especially with rapid. The tan takes a full 18-24 hours to develop and will continue to deepen post rinse. Trust the process.

Your tan NEEDS moisture. Make sure you're moisturizing with a tan-safe moisturizer or body oil. 

Can I Spray Tan While Pregnant?

First things first…we are sunless tanning professionals, we are not licensed medical professionals and while we have sprayed numerous expecting mommas-to-be with our naturally derived solutions, every pregnancy and their accompanying risks are different. We recommend that any concerns be addresses with your OBGYN. We are more than happy to provide a list of ingredients to review with your doctor.

Rapid Vs. Regular — What’s the Difference?


  • 2-5 hour rinse time


  • 8-12 hour rinse time


  • Last about 7-10 days

  • Can be customized for your skin tone

  • Take about 18-24 hours to develop

Do I Spray Tan Before or After (Insert Beauty Treatment)?

Your spray tan should be the very last step in your beauty routine, period. Massages, waxing, mani/pedis, etc. should all occur a minimum of 4-12 hours before your spray tan appointment. All of these services have their own products that are utilized throughout the services that when used too close to your appointment can create a barrier between your skin and the DHA (active ingredient in spray tan). Or when utilized after the service can discolor or strip the tan

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