Pregnancy + Spray Tanning

There are so many rules as an expectant momma-to-be. Not to mention the pregnancy police breathing down your uterus— so, we are CONSTANTLY being asked whether or not it is safe to tan while pregnant. The answer? A soft yes. As a conscious business owner, I always advise my expecting clients to consult their OBGYN with a full run-down of our solutions ingredients— just for their peace of mind.

That being said, the Sunless Château offers expecting mothers (and all other clients):

  • Nose Filters to avoid solution inhalation. Let me tell you, they are mighty sexy but they do a great job of keeping the solution from infiltrating your respiratory system in addition to our SprayGon Extraction Units in every single room. 

  • Solutions with Naturally Derived Ingredients, free of harsh chemicals. As you care about what you put inside your body while pregnant, it's our responsibility to care about what WE put ON your body! You can rest assured at the Sunless Château, your skin health is our TOP priority. 

    That being said, we avoid using rapid tans on our expectant mothers as the hormones can often interfere with the more complex solution resulting in lack of color, improper development, etc.

If you have any questions about pregnancy tanning feel free to DM us at @thesunlesschateau or text the Sunless Château at 888.897.1441

You have to say “no” to soooo many things while pregnant, but a flawless glow isn’t one of them!

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